• ZoneOut TV Winter Solstice & The Grand Conjunction

    December 21st. was the most unique Winter Solstice in 800 years. Not only was it the longest day of the year, but it was also the time for the Grand Conjunction when the two planets, Jupiter and Saturn appeared next to one another in the early night sky.

    We found a location that would give us a ...

  • Candelabra Aloe Valley Vista

    A cheerful burst of color from the Candelabra Aloe leads your view through a Eucalyptus grove and then across a valley to the Avocado Orchards on the hills.
    Select this ZoneOutTV window to help you mind-travel to this lovely valley view.

    More information: The Candelabra Aloe (Aloe arborescens) i...

  • ZoneOut TV - Fall Sunset

    The Scene:
    October light in California can be truly spectacular. This beautiful wall decoration style episode presents the sun going down along a Central Coast bluff above the blue Pacific.
    The sky turns a harvest orange as the sun slides down to kiss the horizon while the gulls head north into t...

  • ZoneOutTV: Blue-Gray Layered Hills with Lake

    It's a beautiful morning - as the new day's light reveals layer-on-layer of beautiful bluish gray hills fading into the distance. It feels like a watercolor painting. The lake in the foreground is gently rippling as the early breeze comes up. The morning is bursting with birds song.

    This relax...

  • ZoneOutTV - The Nature of Clouds

    Relax to this gentle dance of morphing clouds driven by the tinkling, soul healing bells and chimes from the winds of change. This is definitely an episode that helps your mind to range into random thoughts. It is quite magical to see the nature of clouds and how they "do" what they "do".

  • ZoneOutTV - Sunrise Lagoon

    Reflecting on our dreams, Sunrise Lagoon slips us into a brand new day with a rich soundscape of crickets, frogs, a distant ocean and a host of very verbose winged friends.

  • ZoneOutTV - Golden Cornfields

    A cornfield in the lowlands of Idaho sweeps across the valley. It is a slow ride over the field toward the hedgerow in the distance as we glide over the tops of the corn.

  • ZoneOutTV: "2019 Sunset Glory"

    "2019 Glory Sunset" captures the stunning last moments of the last day of the previous decade.
    On December 31, 2019, as the sun sinks off the west coast of the United States, a small group of people gathered at iconic Morro Rock in central California to say goodbye to the second decade of the new...

  • ZoneOut TV - Guest Artist Robert Walter "Huntington Heartbeat"

    For the last few years Robert Walter has walked the 120 acres of Southern California's Huntington Gardens looking for the shapes and colors that are the underlying DNA and heartbeat of this place. "Huntington Heartbeat" is a sampling of some of what he discovered.

  • ZoneOut TV - Bide-Mahpe: Crow Indian for "Sacred Water"

    Beneath the crust of our mother earth beats a vibrant heart filled with great energy and power. In magical places her powerful pulse breaks free in beautiful and dynamic ways.
    This is such a place.

  • ZoneOutTV - California Sunset

    Sun, sand and the rolling ocean surf... punctuated by the happy gulls and other birds. The sun sets slowly into the west as the full moon rises.

  • ZoneOut TV - Ancient Oaks Sunset

    An ancient oak tree near a brook and a farm is bathed in an evening's change of lighting. Over a relaxing 1-hour and 44 minutes, light plays over this venerable citizen of the California Central coast as the sun sets and its remarkable branches slowly evolve into a beautiful Rorschach pattern.

  • ZoneOutTV - The Big West - Magic Lake

    The Big West is an awesome place with grand mountains, vast prairies and a really big sky.
    This includes a magic lake nestled below the Grand Teton Peaks.
    This serene mountain scene reflected in the still waters of the alpine lake is a breathtaking location from the Big West. The foliage is just...

  • ZoneOutTV - Big Water

    We have had big surf on our shooting list for 2 years... and then the storm came up from the south giving us not only building size waves, but a bunch of crazies ridding these behemoths. It was a very thrilling day to shoot!

  • ZoneOutTV - Sea Gull Surf

    The afternoon sun glints and turn golden on the cresting, pounding surf as sea gulls and other birds command the low-tide rocks. They sit and preen as they wait for tasty morsels washed in by the surf...

    They also keep a wary eye on the waves as the afternoon tide rises promoting groups of gull...

  • ZoneOutTV - Lazy Sunday Under The Pier

    The blue oceans is framed in the background as the easy surf runs up under the pier in a dance of water, foam and light. Happy gulls are floating in between. It's a Lazy Sunday under that pier!

  • ZoneOUtTV - Cambria Rocks

    This beach episode features the Central California Coast near Cambria. Swirling waves crash around and over the rocks as the shadows lengthen. Enjoy!

    A big THANK YOU to LA Artist, voice talent and friend Bob Walter, who shot the episode while up in Cambria. Check out Bob's voice work at http://w...

  • ZoneOut TV - Water Ripple

    For those of you who favor ZoneOut TV's more relaxing, meditative content, we think your gonna really like this one.
    "Water Ripple..." features a liquid metal surface melting with the spirits of water, wind and light.

  • ZoneOutTV - Spring Melt

    As springtime nears, the mountain snows melt and gush down to the parched valleys below. Imagine yourself taking a bath in this very refreshing stream - [email protected]

  • ZoneOutTV - High Sierra Stream

    "High Sierra Stream" features a gentle babbling brook, high-up in the Eastern Sierra Nevada range, ideal for reflection and reminiscence.

    Many thanks to our good friend and LA Television Sound Designer, Peter Bergren for hosting our journey and helping us sculpt some beautiful ambiances for this...

  • ZoneOutTV - Desert Poppies in Antelope Valley

    The high desert of California's Antelope Valley is both stark and hauntingly beautiful. Amid the browns of the high desert flora are small oasis of color that punctuate the landscape, like these golden Poppies (the state flower).
    There are moments when these burst out in carpets of color, but no...

  • ZoneOutTV - Yellowstone Lower Falls River - from The Big West Series

    Rushing down the mountains, Yellowstone's Falls river plunges down a rocky gorge with the force of a watery avalanche. The scale is hard to grasp until you realize that the pile of sticks at the bottom of the falls are actually full grown trees that have washed down the mounting in the icy mounta...

  • ZoneOut TV - Lily Pond at Dragonfly Falls

    A pretty spot with wonderful tinkling water, coming down the rocks into a lily pond. This amazing environment was created by our friends at Sunland Water Gardens in Sunland, California. Enjoy!

  • ZoneOutTV - Mountain Stream

    Water tinkles over the rocks and the birds call to one another for springtime frolics.